Microneedling: A Massage with Tiny Needles for Beauty Enhancement

Chances are if you have heard of Microneedling you probably picture some really famous social media stars posting images of their red face after getting treatment.

That might give you the impression that the procedure is painful and even possibly dangerous. The opposite is actual true. Microneedling treatment is safe and while it may cause some discomfort at your first treatment, it is not considered a painful treatment. In this post we’ll cover some of the top benefits you can expect if you decide to get treatment.

A Boost in Collagen Equals A Boost in Beauty

In our modern world we are all exposed to an influx of toxins in the air, food and water we consume. Combine that with the constant stress we feel from work and family, it’s no wonder we end up with sagging skin and wrinkles far sooner that we expect. Microneedling has also been know as Collagen Induction Therapy. What is collagen you ask? It’s a protien that acts as the building blocks for fresh healthy tissue within our bodies. The treatment simulates new collagen production within the skin resulting in younger looking skin. Who wouldn’t want that?

Is Microneedling A Form of Massage?

When you get a traditional massage it is of course done through human hands, but Microneedling is a massage that is delivered through an electric therapeutic device. The device has many micro needles in a small drum to ever so gently puncture the top layers of skin. You might think…why would you puncture holes into my skin to make it look younger? The procedure actually helps to strengthen the skin to regenerate stronger similar to a weight lifter breaking down their muscle tissue in the gym, then giving the muscle time to rest and grow back stronger.

Where can you get an effective Microneedling Treatment

It really depends on where you live. The popularity of the treatment has skyrocketed after being endorsed by social media stars with huge followings so it really should not be difficult to find a practice near your home. Me personally living in Florida I had a ton of options to choose from. After looking through many different sites in the Orlando area I found Health & Hope Institute which is owned and operated by Dr. Claudia Chica. She has was very gentle and answered all my questions regarding treatment before we started. She said that a lot of her patients are actually men who commonly want to remain discreet because the treatment is usually targeted towards women. If you do ever decide to get Microneedling I advise you ask a lot of questions before you begin as every doctor operates in their own unique way.


Reflexology is a form of massage work on the foot region where pressure is administered to the feet as well as the hands in an effort to relieve pain in those targeted regions as well as the whole body. In this post we I’ll go deeper into the page essential benefits of reflexology

How Does Reflexology Differ Form Traditional Foot Massage

The belief around reflexology is all about connection between points or reflex areas. These areas are thought to be located within the hands and feet that have special energetic connection with vital organs within the body. Be stimulating these areas it is thought to produce balance within the whole body by increasing blood flow and energy. Traditional foot massage while beneficial is more about softening the issue to promote relaxation, while properly preformed reflexology is meant to target specific internal organs.

How to know if Reflexology is right for you

People from all walks of life can benefit from reflexology from young kids to senior citizens and everyone in between. The main problem it is used fro is stress which causes inflammation, the root cause of illness. While reflexology can’t make claims of total healing, it has been know to provide relief for digestive disorders, migraines, sore joints, hormone in-balance and even multiple sclerosis. Again, these are not 100% guaranteed results but many people have claimed to receive these benefits from treatment.

What Can You Expect If You Get Treated

You might be thinking this is one of those really painful treatments where you need to suffer in order to feel the results the day after. Fortunately this is not true. Most people enjoy the treatment and find it very relaxing and pleasurable. Because this treatment is preformed with hands, there are no needles or other medical instruments that could be cause for concern.The video below is a great intro to the world of reflexology.