The History Healing Massage

After a hard stressful day of work or taking care of a family some people look forward to a drink to release stress. A much healthier option is getting a massage from an experienced professional that knows what they are doing.

What Role Does Massage Play in Our History

The practice of Massage goes back thousands of years to the cultures of the past that believed in the whole body benefits it has. India, China and Egypt are the first to have actual written instructions fro the practice that spread all over the world.

Massage skills are passed down from generation to generation. There are four major branches of massage. Massage for personal grooming and rejuvenation, sports and fitness, healthcare, and natural healing which have over time united to form what we know has modern day massage therapy. Public bath houses in ancient cultures often included massage and body work. The image below is of the an Ancient Roman bath house.

From Ancient Bath Houses to Modern Health Clubs

In the early 1900’s health resorts that used massage combined with bathing became very popular. As time went on full body massage was given for health, rejuvenation, and was an important part of weight loss program to relax the body and release fluid stored in certain parts of the body. By the 1920’s massage was used in army facilities by the title of reconstruction aids which later turned into what we now know as physical therapists. It’s very common to see athletes getting massaged before and after performing, but thats nothing new, athletes through history have used it to improve performance and speed up recovering.

Since the 1970’s the massage industry has grown into a huge world wide industry. All Allied Health Schools has great info on the History of Massage Therapy and how it evolved.

The video below gives a great visual in depth look into the history of how massage transformed into what we know it today.